Thursday, April 9, 2009

Will He Stay? Or Will He Go?

Now, I don't want to alarm any of the Oilers faithful as we've already suffered enough this year... BUT... Trusty Rusty has been hearing a lot of talk about Mac-T walking away from the team. Apparently, there are a few people - a small handful according to a CP article I eye-sexed recently - that would like to see Mac-T relieved of his duties as coach, dipped in a vat of sweet and sour sauce and breadcrumbs, and tied to the back of a CN Train bound for Yellowknife as a flock of crows are released from a giant cage.

Will He Stay or Will He Go?

Does anyone really know what to expect from the Oilers? Well, when it comes to management - Yes. Ya Boy Rusty will go out on an extreme limb and say: He Will Stay.

If the Admiral were in charge, KP would get the axe, Mac-T would fill KP's shoes and tweak the scouting staff so that we are no longer in love with following trends (small "skilled" players last few drafts, big "power forwards" in previous drafts). I'm not delusional enough to back Mac-T's actions as a coach this year, but I do think the Craigster has what it takes to realize a good player when he sees it - coaching that player is another matter. The obvious response from the hate-box is: Do you want a team full of Liam Reddox-esque players with Mac-T calling the shots? At least Liam Reddox busted his ass for this team. Love him, or hate him - Flat-out losing Mac-T would not help the organization as a whole in my most humble of opinions. Call me crazy, but I'd much rather lose Huddie, Kelz, Moore and the rest of the backbenchers while launching Mac-T into the management scene. The Super Old Boys Club would be left unable to link up their magic rings and cure the ailments of Oil Country if the Craigster were to end up in, oh let's say, NYC.

There! Now that we've cleared that up, please proceed with your regularly scheduled drinking.


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  1. Well I guess Mac-T got fired and is leaving the team to coach elsewhere. Go figure.

    Maybe the team has realized they've been way too predictable over the years?