Friday, May 8, 2009

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

I am known for a few things, rather than many. Being an allstar basketball champ is from time to time a hobby, but rarely a career. Yesterday, however, I signed numerous 3 point petitions indicating otherwise.

As broadcast on Twitter:

Damn I pulled it off. Was down 18, 17 and I had 2. Straight to 21. Cash money. about 7 hours ago

This was me elaborating on the triumphant comeback of the night. No, not the Hawks stunning the Canucks, instead it was my rise from an 18-2 hole, to a 21-19 champion.

That's right. I ran the board from 2 to 21 playing a game aptly named.... 21.

Oh, wait, I think my Twitter may have explained that. Very well, enjoy a picture of me accomplishing the feat. Stunning.


  1. Magic hands you've got. Making it rain out there.


  2. Normally, I would look the exact opposite while playing basketball. Lucky for me, when I get riled up I go all Incredible Hulk. I start twitching, grunting, grabbing my crotch and next thing I know... I morph into a large black man. Safe to say, the ladies enjoy it when I go all Incredible Hulk while they are present.

  3. In fact, I am actually the same height as MJ. 6'6'' and change. I will vouch one stereotype... White guys can't jump. I used to be able to dunk in highschool if I really put my mind to it. White people can, however, toss on football pads.