Sunday, May 3, 2009

Can't We All Just Get Along?

I heard an audio clip of this real commercial over the radio while taming the Henday. I got a cheap laugh out of it at first and the after-clip banter was even better. On the show, talk of how we can all get along - blacks and whites - sunshine and puppies - were being spread across the radio waves. What followed was a bombshell that made me wonder aloud.

(Paraphrased)"They wouldn't be as happy if Person A's teenage daughter was seeing Person B's son."

This lead me to thinking: Does Mr. White Man, Radio Host A, have a daughter that happens to be teenie bopper?

The answer: Of course. Why else would he randomly drop toss that out there?

What about the Mexican diss? Oh, right. Swine Flu. Gotcha. The production value of this video was also stunning. I wonder if Red House would open a franchise here? At the Reddddd House!

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