Sunday, May 10, 2009

Human Interest - Drunks

The Admiral was planning on a relaxing evening at home last night, until I heard of a house party in high gear on the north side. Thoughts of all the free booze and booty, it was a no brainer to fire up the whip and head up north. I arrived sober as a judge, making me the only sane person in the joint. I was quick to catchup, and the rest, as they say, is history.

When you join a bunch of drunks as a sober citizen, it can go one of 2 ways. Either you're not drinking that night and drunks shortly become very annoying. Or, you join them. I joined them.

Interesting Notes:

- I find it hilarious when someone is so fired up about a story they're telling, that they stand up to give it the full effect. This doesn't sound funny - unless that person happens to stand up, trip over a kiddy pool, fall on top of the chair they stood up from, and fall flat on their face mere inches from the roaring fire. Comedy.

- I find it hilarious how some people just HAVE to be the center of attention - especially when boozing. A fight almost broke out of the answer key to the WHMIS test. I'm not sure how someone would take offense to this, however, drunks are drunks. Again, comedy.

- Another point of hilarity is knowing your limits. It's 4am, and we run out of hootch. One of the party goers realizes this (the same one that can't stand no less) and decides to call Dial-A-Bottle. When the lady on 411 gives the number, instead of remembering he wanted liquor, he proceeds to give the operator a drunken piece of his mind. (I honestly couldn't make out what he was saying. Maritimers sound drunk enough when they're sober.) Again, I laughed.

- Alcoholic Dogs - There was a beauty of a dog (The Admiral has a soft spot for BIG dogs) hanging out in the back yard with us all evening. As we crushed beer after beer, the dog found great pleasure in tipping over the empties, pouring them on the ground and drinking the beer. Needless to say, I was impressed.

If you look closely, you will see the dog crushing a Bud.

Thank goodness Lord Wanye Von Gretz IV went all Glen Sather this morning and got me outta the clink. It's nice to be free again.

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