Monday, May 4, 2009

Das Wunderkinder

I've always been pro Ovechkin. The thing is, I've never really been negative Crosby. Lately, the boy SC87 has been reading too much into his press. Crosby has taken shots throughout his career, while still being the poster boy of the league. He has done some impressive things, but has also been hyped beyond belief. Fans were quick to lose their love for Aunt Sidney after just a couple of short years in the league.

He's a robot, they'd yell! He has 5 quotes to choose from, they bellowed! He was going to skip the All Star game until the league squeezed his nards, they proclaimed! He sounds more like Abe Simpson than my grandpa, and on, and on.

Crosby is a damn fine player. I'd do some pretty unthinkable things to see him suit up in RX1 on a regular basis. But, he is quickly losing my interest in the person (not that he's ever given anyone something to be interested in). Not only is he so predictable on the mic, he does seem to bitch a lot in general. Fine. He's a star.

Of all the things he's done thus far, I must say tonight was something else. Das Wunderkinder proceeds to bitch at the ref... in a playoff game... about the home crowd celebrating too much?..... Pardon me? Excusay Moi?

What does Sid expect the refs to do?

Oh, wait:

"People kept throwing hats," Crosby said. "And I was just asking if he could make an announcement to ask them to stop."

That explains it! Makes total sense in fact. Why should the fans be allowed to throw hats on the ice when Sid the Kid is on the scene? He's SID THE KID!!!

Or, was he just wanting the fans to make sure there were some hats left for when he popped his trick?

I would certainly enjoy seeing them drop the gloves. Indeed.

It's a lot harder to like a player when you can't stand the person. That being said, bring on 2010. Make me love you again!!!

My summation on Crosby: What a tool, but if he wins us a gold... I will forgive.


  1. Bwahaha..."I never want to be in this photograph again" classic.

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