Friday, May 8, 2009

She Can Stand Under My Umbrella...

I was out and about and should be somewhere right now, but these pics were too good to continue with the events this evening. I'll make it short and sweet, and you can insert the punchlines you want. Chris Brown leaked pictures of Rihanna naked. Well, isn't that romantic. Fuck around, this was good news.

For everyone interested, the pics are inside. You'll look. Totally NSFW.

I'm sure I'll add more thoughts once I return home and have a chance to fully review the intricate details of each pic. Friiiiiiiiiiday!

I'd like to see her and Megan Fox locking lips.

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  1. If she stood under my umbrella... I don't think I would need to push the little button for it to shoot out and assume the position. She would automate the process. ScccchHhhwwwwwwiiinnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg.

  2. *** Update ***
    Chris Brown says he didn't release these pics, and I will honour this statement to ensure I do not defame Mr. Brown. He's a treat.