Monday, June 1, 2009

New Content: Oilers Fix

I miss Oilers hockey. With the new additions of Pat Quinn and Tom Renney, the Oilers are all over my mind. What's Tambo's next move? Will he make a splash at the draft? Or July 1? Or both? Will Jagr or another studly scorer arrive this off season?

Soon enough we will find out what the 2009/2010 version of the Mighty Oil will look like. Until then, I'm left watching crappy YouTube junk to get my fix. Want to see what I watched tonight?

I haven't seen the CBC version until now. I recall the Sportsnet one from back in the day. It's something at least...

Oh, almost forgot. The reason I chose this video is because the coaches hired by the Oilers do not include Marc Crawford. I for one couldn't be happier.


In Quinn We Trust