Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Long Weekend: Battle Log

May long has come and gone. Inside, I'll spew the precious details.

The best part of long weekends is that you know there will be certain constants. Drunk, outdoors, ass slapping, grilling, bluntage, excessively loud tunes, hooliganism, fuzzems the 5-0, ridiculous hangovers... I mean, I could go on... Alas........
The BEST part of long weekend antics is the unknown. Sure, you know you'll be drunk, chasing ass, blunt in your mouth, steak on the grill, and waking up with one fuck of a headache. Tried, tested and true: It is what it is. The real fun comes from not knowing exactly what hand you'll land once the flop drops. I expected the basics of the long weekend, strapped on my drinking shoes and got down to business; the hand I drew was straight glory.

Friday got started way too early. Not only did I start drinking earlier than expected, I also started gathering the weekend's music at a record pace. I loaded up the iPhone, and burned classic drinking CD after classic drinking CD - For this I am thankful. Friday involved mass drinkage, and eventually a house party for a buddy taking off for Banff in the morning. Leaving for Banff is a quality excuse to throw a house party in my opinion. Needless to say, Saturday morning greeted me with a swift boot to the head.

Saturday involved hitting the Great Outdoors. It feels dirty to spend May Long without actually leaving the city. There are always so many stories that were so fucking hilarious at the time, but I can't remember for the life of me now. My head hurts. No Saturday stories for you.

Came back into town on Sunday afternoon and was in pretty rough shape overall. Still knowing the long weekend was yet to finish, I was back up on my grind. The tacklebox didn't work any magic thus far in the weekend and I was dedicated to continue in the persuit of ass. Sure, there's lots of drunken assgrab that goes down on a long weekend - If you don't land it, well that totally sucks. The mission was simple. I was hoping not to go to a club, or resort to some whackards way of landing a long weekend spunktakular. Luckily for this war mongerer, there were 2 nibbles on the line and a decision had to be made.

Consider this a battle won. 'Til The Next Long Weekend!

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